Say No to Plan B.

When you’re ready for a new direction, don’t fall back on Plan B. A friend and business contact of mine called me with a dilemma he was facing. He had exited a corporate job in the travel industry about a year before and had been looking at different options for starting a new business. He […]

Stay open to what’s in front of you.

Are you open to a different way of achieving your goals? It’s a old statement that is as true today as the day it was written back in the 1920s. But thanks to our rational brain bias we tend to have a closed mind when it comes to anything that threatens to derail us from […]

Dream Big.

What is the ‘big dream’ that underpins your business? If you don’t have one, you will always struggle to grow to your full potential.

Time to Ditch Performance

It’s Time to Ditch ‘Performance.’ It strikes me that we need a new measure for motivation, happiness, and success in business. And I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way.

Don’t let your story get lost in time

Don’t let your story get lost in time. In 2015 I stood in a field in France with my oldest brother Nick. Our guide was pointing out the location of my grandfather’s trench and explaining the events that took place almost exactly 98 years earlier.