What's Your Brand Promise?
It's the foundation for all your communications.
It's the promise you make that attracts the right customers.
Is needs to be authentic and inspiring.
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Why do you need to create a Brand Promise?

Your Brand Promise (often referred to as Brand Story or Value Proposition) is the foundation the words on your website, your social media, advertising, and all verbal communications.

It’s particularly important for:
– Businesses planning a relaunch
– Start-ups preparing for launch
– Businesses struggling to bring in new customers and/or customers who are easy to work with
– Professionals looking to define what they offer that is unique

What are the Benefits?

A well-crafted Brand Promise/Story has the power to:

  • Motivate you and your team to achieve more
  • Attract the right customers 
  • Make you stand out from the crowd
  • Focus your sales & marketing efforts behind a big idea
  • Align your brand design, website, social media, and messaging behind a single, unifying promise
How Do You Like to Work?
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What My Customers Say

As two sisters starting a business together, our ideas were feeling fragmented and tangential. It was essential that we were aligned and on the same page.

Justin brought all the elements of us both and meshed them together into a Brand Story we could both be proud of, and something which resonated for us both. 

Nicki L’Green – Co-Founder, Frankly Wild.

Justin’s course was very insightful, and helped me to access deeper information that I would not otherwise have been able to reach.

This gave me the insights needed to bring together my vision and purpose for our new start-up RePass Cloud, and our first product OptechX.

Danijel-James Wynyard – Co-Founder, RePass Cloud

Not sure which option to choose?

Justin Cooper

Justin Cooper believes in the Power of Purpose with all his heart.

With over 30 years marketing experience working on global and SME brands in Australia and the UK, and 10 years in Purpose Coaching – Justin is well equipped to guide you on your journey into Purpose.

His approach combines solid strategic branding knowledge with a revolutionary new business meditation technique that uncovers vital information hidden in the subconscious.

Justin is the founder of Brand Purpose Co and the author of Marketing is Dead, Long Live Purposing, a book designed to help people and businesses define and connect with their Purpose, and put it to work in their businesses and brands.