Brand Naming
Looking for a new name for your brand, product or service?
Who's This For?

This is for start ups and business owners looking to:
– Create a new brand name that is a perfect fit for their new venture
– Develop a name for a new product or service within and existing brand

How it works

PREPARATION: We start by reviewing the Purpose and Mission of your brand, product, or service – so the name we develop fits with your goals and intentions.

ENVIRONMENT: We look at the current players in your market to understand who you’ll be competing with.

IDEATION: Then the ‘NameStorming’ process begins, with a list of potential candidates.
These are reviewed against a number of criteria, before a shortlist of names is produced, all of which are checked for trade mark and URL availability.

COMPLETION: Finally we discuss the short list, and select a winner.

Ready to Get Started?

please use the link to set up a time for us to discuss your project.

About Me

I believe in the Power of Purpose with all my heart.

With over 30 years marketing experience working on global and SME brands in Australia and the UK, and 10 years in Purpose Coaching – I am well equipped to guide you on your journey into Purpose.

My approach combines solid strategic branding knowledge with a revolutionary new business meditation technique that uncovers vital information hidden in the subconscious.

I am the founder of Brand Purpose Co, and the author of Marketing is Dead, Long Live Purposing, a book designed to help people and businesses define and connect with their Purpose, and put it to work in their businesses and brands.