Who We Are

Founded on Purpose.

The world has changed. As consumers, we now value authenticity above image and need above expertise. The purpose is driving this, with a growing desire to understand why things are done.

The Impact on how we market brands is significant. It’s no longer enough to demonstrate to customers that a product or service is amazing. Today’s customers need to know the provenance and values behind the brand, even the beliefs of the people that produce it. They are looking for a brand that reflects their own beliefs and values.

Who Are We?

Justin Cooper

Justin brings over 30 years of global and SME brand management experience, with 9 years as a Purpose Consultant.

His focus is on defining individual and brand Purpose, and aligning this with the company’s culture, brand positioning and communications. He is a pioneer in the field of using meditation as a business tool.

Tony Bonney

Tony brings over 30 years of brand communications expertise, and over 20 years of Purpose exploration work.

His focus is on the translation of Purpose into an organisation’s culture and operations to create differentiation and preference in the eyes of teams and consumers. Tony is the founder of Grow On Purpose.

What Drives Us?

Our Purpose

… is to help business leaders and organisations to clarify the purpose of their work and align it with their culture and organisation in a way that connects with their audience on a deeper level, and attracts like-minded employees, business partners & customers.

Our Mission

…is to help business owners and leaders to explain the Purpose that underpins their brands, and to use this to define what makes them authentically unique, and to deliver this uniqueness through their product or service delivery, their company culture, their branding, and their internal and external communications.

We Believe:

Our Purpose

We believe that what a brand stands for flows directly from its Purpose.

We believe organisational Purpose has the capacity to:

– Drive your long-term strategic direction, based on a big idea

– Unite and inspire your team and determine its culture

– Create a powerful tool for innovation

– Provide the foundation for your brand positioning

– Inform the look and feel of your internal and external communications