Ready for a different perspective?

Abundance is a fickle thing. You either have it or you don’t. And this morning I worked out the first step to unlocking it.

I was gardening in the rain. In fact, I was looking for inspiration to write this blog, when a random* thought hit me – go and harvest some fruit and veggies. So I did – and you’ll see the results in the image attached.

But when I first approached the veggie patch, all I could see was green leaves. No fruit – just a sea of greenery you can’t eat. And that got me thinking – as we go through our days, all we see is the same old stuff. Often we can’t see that we are succeeding, because it’s just the same old, same old. Are we actually achieving anything, or are we stuck in a rut?

This is doubly so given what we have all been through over the past couple of years. There doesn’t appear to be much around to inspire us. It’s just bad news. And that creates a stagnant mindset, which isn’t conducive to generating abundance and success.

So how to break the cycle?

Back to my gardening analogy, and the sea of green leaves. It wasn’t until I looked from underneath the leaves that I saw the fruit. Cucumbers the size of marrows, ripe, juicy raspberries, succulent tomatoes, fresh celery, and bizarrely-shapes carrots (I must be doing something wrong there…)

And this lead me to thinking about our current situation, and how we can unlock a different perspective on life – and in turn, switch on abundance mentality. The solution, I realised,  was to start looking at things from a different angle.

And this prompted two questions for us to ask ourselves every morning before we start our day:

  1. What ‘fruit’ do I already possess in my life right now?

– This could be a loving family, supportive friends, health, wealth (in the form of value locked up in a property, or investments), or a fruit and veggie patch that is growing like crazy during a wet summer in Sydney.

  1. What new fruit is there to be had, just by doing a little gardening?

– This could be connections you have who would be very happy to introduce you to a prospect who needs your help, or to support your business or career in some other way.

So there you have it – a simple analogy, and a couple of questions to get you thinking about abundance in a new light. Because one thing is for sure – once you believe in  abundance; it keeps flowing, until you decide it’s no longer there.

If you’d like help switching on an abundant mindset, please check out my new course, the 12 Days of Purpose. The first ‘day’ is free, so you can try before you buy.

* If you believe in quantum physics, there is of course nothing random in life – it’s all inter-connected.

Justin Cooper is the founder of Brand Purpose .Co, which helps employees, business owners and business leaders to define their Purpose and leverage it through their work, business or brand in a way that inspires, unites and connects the people they work with.