Why should I believe you?

If you create blogs and videos for social media, this is important…

When running a business, managing a brand, or planning a start-up, social media is clearly an essential element of any promotional strategy. What you post has to build awareness, interest and trust, before people will consider buying from you.

But what if people don’t believe what you are saying?

That post you are writing needs to be credible, not just interesting, useful and engaging.

  1. So where does that credibility come from?
  2. It comes from you – and your truth.

I would argue that ‘your truth’ is much more powerful than ‘the truth.’ The former is wrapped up in your beliefs and values, while the latter is heavily weighted towards provable facts, and given the world we currently live in, even ‘facts’ are up for debate.

Therefore, your social media posts should be weighted towards what you believe in, what you are passionate about, and how you believe you can make a difference to your audience. By spending more time writing blogs and recording videos in this area, and less time on providing dry facts and tips, you will make a deeper connection with your audience.

You will also find it easier to write that post, and your output will increase. And at the same time your audience is more likely to believe what you have written, and more disposed to trust you.

So before you start writing your next post, ask yourself:

‘In terms of the market I serve, what is really important to me right now?’

‘What can I say that is true to who I am, and that will make a difference to my audience?’

Because trust starts with your truth.

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Justin Cooper is the founder of Brand Purpose .Co, which helps employees, business owners and business leaders to define their Purpose and leverage it through their work, business or brand in a way that inspires, unites and connects the people they work with.