Who is your real ideal customer and how do you reach them?

Does your current marketing program attract tyre-kickers?

You know who I mean: the ones who are always trying to get a cheaper price, who don’t appreciate what you do for them, and end up being your most difficult customers of all.

Maybe you’re marketing to the wrong people. Maybe your real ideal customer is someone else.

In this workshop you’ll discover who your ideal customer really is and how to market to them in a way that lets them find you quicker.

This is a unique workshop co hosted by Ripple Marketing and Brand Purpose Co.

Justin Cooper, author of Marketing is Dead, Long Live Purposing will guide you through a unique and ground-breaking visualisation process to allow you to identify who your real ideal customer is. This technique has helped over 250 business owners and employees to access a deeper understanding of who their real customers are.
Jonathan Sharp, owner of Ripple Marketing will then take you through the key steps of reaching these customers and get you to analyse where your targeting is falling down.

What will I get from the event?

At the end of this 3-hour workshop you will have a greater understanding of:

  • Who your ideal customer is
  • The benefits you bring them
  • What you deliver that they value most
  • How to reach them
  • What work you specifically need to do in your business

Who’s this for?

Business owners and managers looking for:

  • A new and more authentic way to market their businesses
  • Insights into their true target market and what they need
  • A realistic and honest analysis of your business’s current position
  • Homework to take your business to the next level

Warning: This is not your standard, one-size-fits-all marketing blueprint program. It is a new, more innovative, intuitive and authentic approach. So you can expect to be challenged, and to learn new techniques and ways of thinking about your business and the customers you are really here to serve and help.  You can also expect to walk away with a list of things to do afterwards.

Your investment is just $25 and gives you access to knowledge that is potentially worth thousands of dollars to you and the growth of your business.

Spaces are strictly limited, so book now to secure your place on this unique and insightful workshop.Details:

Thursday 5th September
9:30am – 1:00pm

Ripple Marketing HQ
106 Old Pittwater Road

Investment: $25 pp

(Included: Workshop, workbooks, coffee, morning tea.)