Equality in Business

I was recently invited to attend a ‘Women in Business’ forum.

Having attended a similar event a few years earlier (as a ‘male ambassador’), I understood and appreciated the honour of such an invitation. It made sense to invite men to help ensure women are celebrated and elevated to more senior roles within business.

But this invite – coming in 2023 – caused me to stop and reflect on how we may need to rethink this idea of how to promote equality in the workplace. With two teenaged daughters – I have a vested interest in seeing greater equality in the workplace – now, and into the future.

That got me thinking that we probably need to supplement the ‘Women in Business’ groups with a new ‘Equality in Business’ initiative, that sees women and men coming together to discuss how to make equality happen faster, and more sustainably. Young men in particular play a crucial role in this process, as they are an essential part of creating a new, more equitable culture.

The ‘Just Cause’ (as Simon Sinek would call it) for these groups would be the same as for women-only groups – to level the playing field, reduce and remove the toxic masculinity that often dominates in boards of directors, and other typically male-dominated work spaces (e.g. politics), and promote opportunities for women at senior levels.

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