Beware of BSO’s

As a business owner, you are constantly under threat from BSOs – Bright Shiny Objects. Here’s how to avoid them.

BSO’s come in the form of new apps, products, services, and tech gadgets. There are literally thousands of them, and they’re all out to get us.

Why? Because it’s natural that we should want to find solutions that will save us time, improve our productivity, boost our sales performance, and give us an advantage over our competitors. But it’s important to check whether those things that call out to us on the web promising to solve our problems are actually a good fit for our business and brand.

But unfortunately, most ideas aren’t. They are dangerous distractions that take us off our path, and are not consistent with our business strategy, brand values, or brand story (positioning). They are Bright Shiny Objects that grab our attention and demand our time – when we are busy enough already.

So how do you tell the difference between an idea that fits with your business and a BSO?

I suggest you start by asking yourself three simple questions:

  1. Is this idea aligned with my Purpose and values?
    i.e. Does it fit with why my business / brand exits, what it stands for, and what I (and my team) believe in?
  2. Does it support and energise my Brand Story?
    i.e. Does it help to communicate what makes me unique, compared with your competitors?
  3. Does it keep me focused on me key priorities?
    i.e. If I were to prioritise the top five things I need to do right now to drive my business, would this idea help me achieve one of more of these objectives?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to these three questions, the idea is an SI (Strategic Imperative) rather than a BSO.
If the answer is no, then the idea should be consigned to the place where all good BSO’s should go: the round file marked ‘Trash.’

If you’d like help clarifying the Purpose of your business / brand, or developing an authentic and unique brand story, please check out my blog for ideas, or get in touch directly with me to arrange a chat.

Justin JG Cooper is a Brand Consultant and Purpose Coach, the founder of Brand Purpose .Co, and the author of Marketing is Dead, Long Live Purposing.