Why you need to be ‘On Purpose’

Purpose has become a hot topic in business – but what does ‘On Purpose’ mean?

Organisations are becoming more interested in defining the genuine reason why they exist – because their employees, customers, and business partners actually do want to know.  It’s certainly a way hotter topic today than back in 2012, when I created my first course designed to help people and businesses harness it.  

And then there’s the concept of being ‘On Purpose’ – which to a lot of people still sounds like a load of old ‘woo.’ I thought I’d quickly explain why I don’t think it’s not just a ‘woo’ (spiritual) concept, and why it has a practical and important foundation for any modern business and/or brand.

So here are the conditions I believe are needed for an individual, brand, or start up to be described as being ‘On Purpose:’

1. The work you do aligns with who you are.

Let’s unpack this idea for a moment.

This means that your personality and values align with the work you are engaged to do. If they don’t, then you’re not On Purpose, and you will soon lose interest, no matter how much you pay yourself, or someone else pays you.

2. Who you work with/for aligns with what you believe in.

This is similar to reason #1, but subtly different.

If you believe in world peace, obviously you’re not going to go and work for an arms dealer.

However, many people find themselves working for companies they just don’t ‘get.’ Something doesn’t quite gel in their minds (or in reality – in their hearts) between them and the people they are working with or for

If you run a business (or are planning on starting one), this means folding your beliefs and values into your business/brand, to create the foundation for its culture, brand identity, marketing, and ideally everything else – including the colour of the walls (if you are old-fashioned and still work in an office ).


3. You bring real passion to your work.

I know, I had to go and introduce the ‘P’ word – just when things were going so well.

It may be a hackneyed expression these days, but being excited and passionate about your work really is important if you are to maintain the love/rage (select as appropriate) for what you do. There’s no faking it here I’m afraid – you either have the passion, or you don’t – so it’s important to be real with yourself here.


4. All the elements align beautifully.

Once you align who you are, with why you do something (your Purpose), with how you can make a difference (your mission), with who you work with and for (the Team)…Bingo, you’ve hit the jackpot and can now put the infamous words “I’m on Purpose’ on your business card (If you’re old school like me, and still have one).

So there you have it – being ‘On Purpose’ really is an important thing to be, and is not just the domain of the elves and fairies.

For more information about getting you, your business or your brand ‘On Purpose’ when you feel a little ‘Off’, please get in touch with me.

Justin Cooper is the founder of Brand Purpose .Co, which helps employees, business owners and business leaders to define their Purpose and leverage it through their work, business or brand in a way that inspires, unites and connects the people they work with.