The Mission Visualisation

What’s Your Business Mission?
What are you here to challenge or change?
How will you improve your customers’ lives?

If you’re here because you are reading Chapter 8 of Marketing is Dead: Long Live Purposing and you saw the link to this Visualisation, then you made it!

If not – welcome: you’re going to love this exercise!

This exercise is designed to help you define your Business Mission – which is the external outcome of your internal Purpose. It’s a timeline exercise designed to take you forward to a defining moment when you have already achieved ‘success’ – however your imagination defines it. Here you see your future self interacting with grateful customers (internal and/or external), and you experience the positive impact your work has had on them. You also get a sense of what you have achieved in this future time, and how you achieved it. You bring all this knowledge back into the present time, so you can use it to ‘own’ that future you and take the steps needed to become that successful version of you.

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