The Ideal Customer Visualisation

Who is your real Ideal Customer?
– Who ‘gets you’
– Who aligns with what you believe and stand for

If you’re here because you are reading Chapter 8 of Marketing is Dead: Long Live Purposing and you saw the link to this Visualisation, then you made it!

If not – welcome: you’re going to love this exercise!

This exercise helps you identify who your ideal customers are – not the people who fit the ‘target market’ and who would buy any product or service like yours, but those customers who align with what you, your business, or your brand stands for.

In this Visualisation you imagine meeting your ideal customer to discover what problems they are struggling with, how you solve that problem, and the benefits you bring them.

Click on the image below to purchase the Visualisation and accompanying questionnaire – for just AUD $9.95.