Safe is the New Dangerous

Safe is the new Dangerous

If you run a business and you’re not communicating your ‘Why’, you are in danger of being left behind.

Offering a safe, reliable product or service that was similar to, but not too different from your competitors used to be a good strategy to build a solid business.

But not any more.

As the business owner or manager, you need to explain what you stand for and what you believe in. That’s because people want to buy brands and work for companies that they can trust. If you don’t communicate your ‘Why’ or Purpose, they can’t tell whether they can trust you or not. And trust is essential to a successful long-term relationship.

This is supported by two recent surveys

  • A 2018 Kantar Millward Brown study identified that 80% of brands that are linked to a Purpose outperform the market
  • A 2016 PwC survey showed that Millennial employees are 5.3 times more likely to stay when they have a strong connection to their employer’s Purpose

So playing it safe, staying under the radar, and not sharing your passions and beliefs is the new dangerous.

By contrast, when you share your ‘Why,’ you stand out from the crowd authentically. While a sexy logo and interactive website will get you noticed, sharing your why will make a deeper connection with a prospective customer and/or employee.

And then you can connect your ‘Why’ with what and how you deliver your product or service, and take this into your marketing communications. This will make the process of attracting the right customers and employees so much easier – because it is founded on an authentic promise to deliver for them.

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