Welcome to your VENUS FLY TRAP

You know how important it is to give your customers your best product or service and to deliver a unique experience from your competitors.

But do you know why customers choose to work with you or buy your brand, instead of choosing your competitors’?

Do you know why some of your customers are easier to work with than others?

Would you like to know how to attract customers who love working with you and who really appreciate what you do for them every time?

Take our quick quiz to find out how strong your brand connection is to your ideal customer.

Before we start, let us know your name & email so we know who & where to send the results.


1. Brand Identity - Who you are.

Can you name (at least) the three words that your customers would use to describe your brand? 

2. Brand Values - What you stand for.

Can you name (at least) the three core values that you, your business and/or your brand stand for?

3. Purpose - Why your brand exists.

Can you explain the bigger reason why your business or brand exists - beyond making a profit?

4. Mission - How your brand makes a difference.

Can you explain how your business or brand makes a real difference to your customers’ lives?

5. Brand Promise - What you offer that is unique.

Can you explain what your business or brand offer that is genuinely unique from your competitors?

6. Your Tribe - The people you want to work with and for.

Are you 100% clear on the kind of business partners and customers you want to work with?

7. Aligning with your Tribe.

Are you and your business culture aligned with your brand, business partners, and customers?

8. Attracting your Tribe.

Does your culture, branding and marketing attract the right business partners and customers?

(i.e. The ones you love working with - not the ones who keep you awake at night worrying).