Welcome to your Purpose Quiz

This is designed to help you assess how clear you are on your Purpose (your ‘Why’), and how connected you are to it.

Who should complete this?

Business & Brand owners thinking of rebranding or changing direction.
Start-ups who are preparing for launch.


a) Answer from your gut/heart; don’t over-think it.
b) You can substitute the words ‘you’ and ‘work’ with ‘business’ or ‘brand’ - if it fits better.

1. Can you explain what makes your business genuinely unique from your competitors?

Hint: These are your superpowers that make you who you are.

2. Are you (and your team) highly motivated by the work you do?

Hint: Do you / did you enjoy Monday mornings?

3. Can you (and your team) explain the bigger Purpose behind the work you do?

Hint: Not because of the money or rewards, but because it inspires you in some way.

4. Can you explain your mission - i.e. what your business is here to achieve?

Hint: Apart from making money, do you know what you are here to change in the world?

5. Can you explain how your business makes a real difference to your customers' lives?

Hint: Can you name the things you do that adds real value to people’s lives?

6. Have you clearly defined the values and cultures of you business?

Hint: It could be what you do and/or the way in which you do it.

7. Do you (and your team) adhere to your values every time you do business?

Hint: If you ever doubt yourself, you need to lower your score.

8. Do you (and your team) have a clear vision for the future of your business?

Hint: Do you know how you will succeed?

Many thanks for completing the Purpose Quiz.

We need to run it through the 'Purpose Machine' so we can give you your results.
I will email you shortly.

Warm regards,

Justin Cooper
Your Purpose Partner
Brand Purpose.Co