Define Your Purpose


A unique group coaching experience to give you clarity on why you do what you do and a clearer understanding of what you offer that is truly unique



A unique group coaching journey to give you:

1. Clarity on why you do what you do
2. Clearer understanding of what you offer that is unique
3. Definition of the deeper benefits you bring to your customers
4. A Purpose statement for your business / brand
5. Ability to attract more like-minded customers to your business
6. Greater confidence and self-motivation

2 x downloadable Visualisations
1 x Fact Sheet to explain your Animal Totem (uniqueness)
1 x Interpretation video guide and proforma
1 x 90 minute one-on-one coaching session via video conference with 1-2 other participants

As soon as you book your place, I will send you your Visualisations and instructions on how to complete them and interpret them.
We will then agree a time when you and the other participants are available for the 90 minute group coaching session.