12 Days of Purpose


The 12 days of Purpose is an inspirational coaching program that takes you on a journey to visualise and plan your success over the next 12 months.

It’s a 4-week course that includes weekly one-on-one video coaching sessions with Justin Cooper, supported by course material that includes 12 business meditations, designed to help you get greater clarity and direction for your business, brand, or work.

This unique experience is designed to give you:

– Clarity on your true unique business strengths and capabilities
– A deeper understanding of the Purpose and direction of your work, business or start up
– Give you clarity on how you make a difference to your customers & colleagues
– Remove self-doubt and build self-confidence
– Clarity on your direction
– A unique way to visualise your success over the next 12 months

Available at the special price of AUD $595 if you sign up before 31 August 2023. Save $300 off the regular price of AUD $895.



Looking to Define Your Purpose & Direction?

Looking for clarity on the future of your business?
Considering a career change?
Need help moving forward on your new start up?

This one-on-one coaching course is for people who want to:
– Get greater clarity on their true strengths and capabilities
– Access a deeper understanding of their Purpose & direction
– Define how they make a difference to their customers & colleagues
– Remove self-doubt and build self-confidence
– Visualise what success looks like for you in their year ahead