Does your team understand your Purpose?
Do your customers know what you stand for?
Are you attracting the right prospects?
Are you ready to try something new?

Start with You.

You are Your Brand

It is an extension of who you are, the culture you create, and the people you work with.

Does your brand reflect the authentic you?

Your customers want to buy brands and work with companies who:
– Are authentic
– Reflect their own values
– They can trust

Unless you can explain this in an authentic and compelling way, the right employees, business partners, and prospects will struggle to find you.

Our Purpose is to help people & brands explain who they are, why they exist, and how they make a difference. We then help them align their culture & brand promise with their people, partners and customers.

We help business leaders and brand owners to:

For Business People

Purpose Coaching

One-on-One Coaching & Courses

To help business owners and team leaders to discover and define the Purpose of their brand or organisation.
Details Coming Soon

For Leaders & Teams

Purpose Consulting

Purpose Consulting & Courses

Purpose Alignment & Team Engagement Workshops & Courses
Details Coming Soon

For Brand Owners

Brand Consulting

Brand Consulting & Courses

Brand Promise Development (Positioning), Brand Naming, and Strategic Marketing Advice.
Details Coming Soon

What we do.

We create:

We provide:

What we stand for.

We believe Purpose is the new secret ingredient – essential for long-term success.

We exist to help change the way people, businesses and brands work:

– From autopilot, to working on purpose.

– From working for the money, to working with passion and clarity, fully aware of what they contribute, and how it sustains and inspires them.


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Let's Talk.

To chat about how you can get greater clarity on your Purpose and authentic uniqueness, and how to align this with your brand identity and offer, so you can attract the right people and customers  – please use the link below to book a complimentary 20-minute consultation with Justin Cooper.

Business Meditation: Accessing Hidden Information

The secret to defining your ‘Why’ is not to think about it. Your Purpose is founded on your beliefs and drivers, which lie within the subconscious part of the brain, not the thinking part.  So the quickest way to access purposeful, creative thinking is to relax and tune in to that deeper part of the brain.

It’s also important to unwind and re-set your brain when you are feeling stressed and overloaded with the number of things you need to get done.

Here’s a free 5 minute exercise designed to help you do just that.