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Why should Richard Branson have all the fun?
Why is 'Business Meditation' helping the world's top entrepreneurs to grow exponentially?
Take your free meditation exercise to find out.

Before you click on the button find a quiet, comfortable place where you won't be disturbed.

What outcomes can you expect?

This 10 minute business meditation is designed to give you:
– Clarity on how you make a difference to your customers and/or business partners
– Get a deeper understanding of the impact you make through your business/work
– Visualise the people you help and how you help them
– Overcome self-doubt and boost your confidence

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Justin Cooper

Justin Cooper believes in the Power of Purpose with all his heart.

With over 30 years marketing experience working on global and SME brands in Australia and the UK, and 10 years in Purpose Coaching – Justin is well equipped to guide you on your journey into Purpose.

His approach combines solid strategic branding knowledge with a revolutionary new business meditation technique that uncovers vital information hidden in the subconscious.

Justin is the founder of Brand Purpose Co and the author of Marketing is Dead, Long Live Purposing, a book designed to help people and businesses define and connect with their Purpose, and put it to work in their businesses and brands.
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