Pretending to be someone you're not to make THE sale?

What if you could get people to buy from you without selling your soul?

Guess what. There IS an easier way to sell without losing your authentic self.

So, STOP faking it till you make it!

In today’s world, if you truly wish to attract the right customers then you need to show up as YOU.

By doing this, you are guaranteed to become a magnet for the right customers. The ones who want what you are offering and appreciate your worth.

Ready to start attracting the right customers who get you and want to buy what you’re selling?

Take our free animal totem quiz to discover the real you that people want to buy from.

This quiz will help you attract your ideal customers in the new authentic way.

Isn’t it time you…

A little bit about the Animal Totem

The Animal Totem is one of the oldest methods to discovering what makes us unique. who you really are, what your core strengths are, and how to leverage this to become the successful.

Follow Step 1 & Send Us Your Results in Step 2


This will take you around 12 minutes to complete.

When you are ready follow the instructions below:

Find a quiet place when you can sit on a comfortable chair, a bed, or on a cushion on the floor. Please don’t sit at your work desk – as this will put you in a rational frame of mind. You want to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Before you start, repeat this mantra in your head three times:

– I will open up to a world of possibilities

– I will allow new ideas to come through

– Anything is possible

Press play on the audio recording, listen and enjoy.

Write down the first ideas / words that come on a separate piece of paper, then start completing the questionnaire – answering from your heart, not your head – using your intuition. Note down everything that comes to you – however unusual, and in as much detail as possible. While some of it may not make sense now, all the information you receive is very useful, so please include everything!

Please don’t be tempted to amend any answers because they sound ‘unusual’ – you want to capture the intuitive and emotional information in its raw form. You can then make rational sense of it later.


Once you have listened to the visualisation and have ‘discovered’ your Animal Totem, pop your details into this form and we will send you a fact sheet telling you all about your animal.

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