Define what makes you naturally unique.


Brand Coaching done differently.

What do you stand for?
What is your Purpose?
How do you make a difference to your customers?
What unique benefits do you deliver?

These are the questions your customers are asking – to determine if they can trust you – especially the younger ones.
I can help you answer them.
I’ve developed a new way to unlock hidden knowledge and creative thinking that can help you and your business, using a Visualisation process I have developed over the past 8 years with over 300 business owners and individuals. 

To help give you greater clarity around your Purpose and uniqueness I offer one-on-one and group coaching options.

These sessions are designed for business leaders who manage teams and who are looking to:

    • Clarify the Purpose and Mission of their business
    • Inspire and engage with their team
    • Improve their productivity and leadership capabilities
    • Align their Purpose with their business and brand
    • Develop a more authentic culture that keeps and attracts the best talent

The 60 minute sessions provide a good starting point for reviewing one aspect of your business such as Purpose, uniqueness, mission, or leadership style.
The 90 minute sessions allow us to go deeper.


What we cover.


Each session is different – depending on your needs. We might define the Purpose of your brand or business, and what makes it unique, or we may look at the bigger picture of what your business stands for, what you do that makes a real difference for your customers, and how to attract the right customers and business partners.

Before each session you will be sent a Visualisation exercise to complete, which will give us valuable insights on how to advise you in your session. The exercise consists of a downloadable audio clip and a short and simple questionnaire to complete. We then arrange a Zoom session either individually or in a small group. The advantage of doing this Visualisation first is that you access deeper, more intuitive information about what makes you and your brand tick before the meeting – which means we hit the ground running in our session, and get better outcomes faster.


About Me.

I have worked in global brand and SME marketing for 30 years, managing brands and running teams. Over the past 8 years I have worked with business owners and leaders to help them define their Purpose, and to align this with their business cultures, marketing, and brand communications that attract the right business partners and customers.

What clients say.

“Justin’s purpose-driven approach to brand development is refreshing. His process has helped us to get to the bottom of the ‘why’ behind our company and brands, and to develop authentic marketing communications.”

— Anthony Azizi – CEO, Trinity Constructions

Justin’s work on Danes Coffee’s Purpose & Mission gave the brand an authentic ‘why’ that had previously been missing. It ensured every team member knew how they could contribute to the greater goal in their own unique way, and helped grow sales by 350% in just 2 years.”

— Steven Arnold – Founder, Iconika Venture Brands

“The outcomes were greater clarity of what I do best, a greater feeling of enthusiasm and passion for what I do, and practical ideas on techniques I can use to maximise my effectiveness.”

— Linden Brown – Chairman, MarketCulture Strategies