Being Heard.

Asking. Hearing. Growing.

As a leader, you are already listening to your people.
But are they Being Heard?

As a team member, experiencing Being Heard is more important now than ever before.

Being Heard is a collaboration between Brand Purpose .Co and Grow On Purpose.

It’s a new way for teams to share how they feel and to be understood.

“Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable.”

David Augsburger

How we work.


Being heard provides a video-based research tool to ask team member to share their concerns, beliefs, needs and ideas – to help leaders understand what’s really going on for their people.


Team responses are grouped into themes; showing the correlation and dissonance between different groups.

Being Heard designs a meaningful activation for each theme grouping.

Team members are invited to engage in the activation with their manager.


Ideas developed from activations are looped back into planning, communications and other forms of team engagement and organisational strategy.

The asking process then commences again, to ensure we are tracking team responses.

Activations include content, collaboration and peer-to-peer activity and session facilitation.

Want to hear more?

To find out more about ensure your team is Being Heard please visit BeingHeard.com.au