Day 1: Who Am I?
Welcome to the 12 Days of Purpose!

In this module you get to meet the Real You and discover who you are, what benefits you bring, and how you do things differently.
Your First Meditation


1. Download and print this PDF questionnaire 

2. Grab a pen to jot down your answers

3. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed – sitting on a sofa, comfortable chair, or in a bean bag.

4. Click on the “Play the Meditation” image below to start the meditation audio
(Note: you can pause the audio by clicking on the image again)

5. When the meditation finishes, write down your answers

Interpreting Your Answers


Once you have finished your questionnaire, please watch the video below.

I chat with two participants of the 12 Days of Purpose – Sophie and Gordon – who share what they got from this exercise, and I explain how you can interpret your answers. 


Next Steps

Well done – you have completed Day 1 of the 12 Days of Purpose!

Imagine how much more clarity you will get from doing another 11 of those exercises and four one-on one coaching sessions with me!  

This is a unique journey designed to help you define:

– The Purpose of your work / business
– What you are here to achieve
– How you can make a real difference to your audience
– The ‘Promise’ you make to yourself and your tribe,
– The ‘road map’ for your next 12 months,
– How you can overcome ‘The Imposter’ who threatens to derail your success.

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